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    PI WebParts lets you create dynamic dashboards in Microsoft® SharePoint® that combine your real-time operations data with financial information, graphics, and other company information. With PI WebParts you can enhance your existing displays with real-time operational data to provide new insights and new awareness to users throughout your operations and simplify access to information.

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  • Features

    PI WebParts - Features
    • A robust library of visualization options that allow you view your data however you need be that in tables, gauges, charts, trends, or graphics.

    • Combine data from many different sources (the PI System, maintenance systems, production planning systems, and financial systems) into seamless, integrated, displays.

    • Provide the right information to the right people with configurable views that ensure every employee accesses and works with the information relevant to their job.

    • PI WebParts tightly integrates with PI ProcessBook and Microsoft Office applications so users can launch applications directly from within the PI WebParts to investigate issues in more depth, update documents, or collaborate with co-workers.


    PI WebParts - Benefits
    • Deliver high-level, operational visibility through a single portal environment gathering data from a wide variety of sources.

    • Leverage your Asset Framework model to drive web part navigation and simplify data analysis.

    • Improve decision making by providing central, consistent access to operational data, reducing data search times.

    • Provide an intuitive user experience with components that run in a familiar, web-based environment, reducing training requirements and helping employees get started quickly.


    ERG Group


    The Italian energy market spot electricity market has three platforms: Day-Ahead Market MGP (energy market), Intra-Day Market MI (energy market) and ancillary Services Market MSD. To join these markets, ERG developed a strategic project to improve data availability and continuity throughout its operations by leveraging Asset Framework models as the foundation for all data applications and simulations. As part of this project, ERG uses PI WebParts to ensure that everyone in ERG sees the same data (real-time, simulated, and historical) the same way thereby improving operations and market response.

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